The fees quoted are for our our time and labor.  The client pays for the cost of groceries and ingredients.

Weeknight Dinners
Menu planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up
Five days of dinners - $425
Three days of dinners - $300

Dinner Parties
Menu planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up - $275
Table service in addition - $200

Cooking Lessons
Includes recipes for three menus based on skills learned in the lesson
First session - $250 for two-hour session
Additional sessions if desired - $125 for one-and-a-half hour session

Kitchen 101
First session includes kitchen evaluation and plan to achieve client's desired goal
Second session includes two-hour cooking lesson
Total fee - $475

Full Kitchen Management
Available in connection with Weeknight Dinners
$150 per week in addition to $425 five days of dinners or $300 three days of dinners