A Capital Cook will prepare whatever you like, however you like it.

Our standard weeknight menu includes a protein, a starch, and a veg.  But it's really up to you.  If you want all veg and no starch, we'll gladly oblige.

We will pay attention to the tastes of everyone in the family.  If your picky eaters only like beige foods, then beige foods it shall be.  Spicy, not spicy, love garlic, hate garlic -- it's all good.  We can introduce the flavors of the world for those who love Asian or Indian or Mexican or . . . anything.  If you can get your Grandma to share her special recipe, we'll do our best to reproduce it.

A Capital Cook will accommodate all special dietary needs.  Just let us know and we will cook low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free -- or all carbs and high fat if that's what you want!

For parties, the sky's the limit.  Elegant and retro, casual and relaxed, or an all-out theme menu -- you can have the fun of dreaming it up and A Capital Cook will do the work of making it reality.

In short, we're the cook -- but you're the boss.